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Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance

Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance

Tidying and releasing of topsoil round plants, bushes and shrubs to allow right stem growth and consumption of nutritional materials.

  • Use of permitted manure to ensure proper growth
  • Trimming of bushes (containing potted florae) and all plants
  • Squirting of permitted pesticide and fungicide often or in case of irritants and molds or other infectious attacks outbreak on plants.
  • Cleaning up of dead and decayed leaves, twigs, and other parts of the plants that might cause litter around the place.


Grass cutting and clearing of grass

Grass pruning or trimming is done once again by the help of machines both manual and electric. Our price quotation is inclusive of the manual labor, tools and other equipment, permitted fertilizers like insecticides and similar ones that are a necessity with respect to garden keeping.

Elite Garden Maintenance

A garden is place where anyone would find the peace and joy that he needs. Not only this garden provides exceptional amounts of fresh air and environment. A garden need not be a huge big one with acres and acres of huge big land. But all the same a garden may also be a small place in the back yard of the house. In order to maintain a good garden one has to have a precise idea of how it has to be done. Our trained and expert gardeners will surely take away the pains taking efforts that you may have to otherwise put in. we are well versed in garden preservation and care. Right from the primary level of garden making to the finished neat and clean stunning fully fledged garden which gives you the tranquility and the peaceful environment that will keep you speechless. We at complete services take care of the garden not leaving any ambiguities about it.

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